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                HEC possesses the whole series of turbo-generator products ranging from 3MW to 1100MW class, including turbo-generator of new air cooling series, full hydrogen cooling series, dual internal water cooling series and water-hydrogen cooling series, gas turbine generators and short-circuit generators. HEC has set many new domestic records for thermal power products.
                In recent years, HEC cooperatively manufactures 390H gas turbine generator with full hydrogen cooling system, GE324LU gas turbine generator, 1000MW ultra-supercritical turbo-generator with water-hydrogen cooling system, 1200MW class nuclear power turbo-generator and 200MW turbo-generator with air cooling system, independently developed and manufactured 320MW turbo-generator with air cooling system and 330MW turbo-generator with full hydrogen cooling system. At present, HEC has completed the development of technology for AP 1000 nuclear power turbo-generator and CAP 1400 nuclear power turbo-generator, and 350MW air-cooled turbo-generator and 300Mvar new type synchronous condenser are now under development.

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